Summer Intensive Yoga Course, Monday 7th Aug - Fri 11th Aug, 7 - 8:15am

Summer is the perfect time to get an early start and to immerse yourself in an unmissable yoga experience.

Come join Chloe McKay for this week of early morning yoga. Each day we will move through a grounding yet energising flow including sun salutations, standing poses and balances before slowing down with seated postures and a final relaxation. Some experience of yoga, especially vinyasa, will be of benefit. Not for complete beginners.

In order to really benefit from the intensive experience, you will need to commit to the fullweek.  The total cost to you is £45. Please book on 01904 785704 or email

Gong workshop - Friday, 11th August, 7:30 - 8:30pm

This session is a Gong Relaxation Sound Bath. Let the captivating sounds of the instruments and Gong lull you into a state of deep restorative relaxation. Give yourself this time to re-balance on all levels of your being: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Release blockages and harmonise your energy centres and channels. 

Only £10.  Start time 7.30 until 8.30pm (please arrive 10 -15 minutes before hand)

For more details and to book please see our facebook event:

Cultivating Harmony in Our World Today: Practical, Broad-Spectrum Yoga and Tantra with James Boag.
13 -15 October 2017 (3 Day Programme)

Friday 13th October 7- 9pm

Storytelling and Interpretation Satsang Evening: Life at the Threshold, Initiation, Growth, Renewal and Evolution

How can we stay centred in these times of great change? How can we transform the tremendous challenges of 21st century life into gifts and opportunities? Using story and symbol from the heart of the yoga tradition James will share practical teachings around principles that can help us skilfully face the challenges of our time in ways that foster harmony and evolution.

Wear clothes that you are comfortable to move and sit in. This session may involve some simple movement exercises, suitable for all, some singing and meditation.

Saturday 14th October 10:30am - 5pm.

Dynamic Equilibrium – Yogic Movement for Times of Change

How can we use our time working with physical yoga practices to support ease and steadiness through the spectrum of our daily lives. In particular, we will look at rehabilitating, reinforcing, and refining healthy neuro-muscular patterns and efficient kinetic chains through the body for safe, easy and effective movement in daily life and in more demanding movement activities.

This full day programme will include the Morning Movement Session followed by a lunch break (please bring a light packed lunch).  The afternoon will include Movement, Meditation, Satsang Inquiry and Discussion and Kirtan.

Sunday 15th October 2 - 5pm

Sunday Kīrtan and Satsang: Yoga and the Power Sound

This afternoon, we will consecrate time for the simple, yet powerful practice of Kīrtan, yoga of sound and song. The session may also include short movement exercises suitable for all, meditation, inquiry and discussion.

Each session works as a stand alone practice/teaching/exploration.  However, attending the whole programme will facilitate a richer appreciation of how we can weave the supportive, harmonising benefits of yoga into all aspects of our lives, and how everything can be a means for practice.

Friday night only - £15; Saturday full day only - £50; Sunday Kirtan only - £15;
Full Programme £65.