Studio Classes

  • Hatha: this is a general term for the most popular style of yoga in the West.  We offer Hatha Yoga for Beginners ideal for those new to yoga or who prefer to focus on the foundations, and All Levels Hatha for those comfortable in a group of mixed ability.
  • Iyengar: The Iyengar system of teaching is methodical and progressive, emphasising detailed attention to alignment and extension. The teaching is carefully attentive to individual needs and when necessary, it uses supports such as belts and blocks that allow students to progress in their practice of postures safely at their own pace, mentally and physically.  The Monday morning Iyengar yoga class focuses on foundational poses and is suitable for  both new and experienced yogis.
  • Vinyasa Flow: Flow Yoga creates sequences of yoga poses that synchronise breath with movement to promote physical engagement and mental stimulation. This class develops strength and flexibility, and will leave you feeling deeply invigorated yet relaxed. Moderate to strenuous physical activity, not recommended for beginners to yoga.
  • Ashtanga: A challenging but rewarding practice which builds strength, flexibility and stamina.  Classes begin with sun salutations, followed by standing postures, seated postures and inversions.  This class is ideal for those who already practice yoga who wish to step their practice up a notch. Moderate to strenuous physical activity.  Not recommended for those new to Yoga.
  • Sivananda: This moderate to strong sequential practice develops your strength and includes pranayama and meditation
  • Yin Yoga: A stilling practice which allows body and mind to enter into a deep state of release by holding mainly reclined and seated postures for 3 minutes or more, allowing the connective tissue (fascia, tendons, ligaments) to soften and unravel areas of tension that a dynamic yoga practice cannot always access.  The practice is available to all, from beginners to those looking to balance a dynamic yoga or sports practice with a cooling, meditative approach - and everyone in between. Yin yoga is the perfect antidote for anyone feeling tight, tense and frazzled by modern life.
  • Yoga for Strength: Yoga builds strong muscles and bones, and although we think it's all about flexibility, in reality strength is equally if not more important!  This fun class focuses on controlling and strengthening those essential muscles which support us in developing a strong yoga practice. 
  • Pilates: We offer a drop in all levels Pilates class Wednesdays at 10am.  Pilates is great for strengthening the core and improving balance and concentration.

Non Studio Classes

  • Iyengar Yoga with Christine Rumley - contact Christine directly at
  • Pilates with Regan - contact Regan Vanderwerff directly at
  • Pilates with Alison - contact Alison Walker directly at
  • Pilates with Colette - contact Colette Fowler directly at
  • Tatty Bumpkin Baby Yoga - contact Clare Gough directly at
  • Dru/Women's Wellness - contact Andrea Jackson directly at
  • Yoga for Healthy Backs - contact Rachel Hammond directly at
  • Yoga Tone - contact Wendy Jacob directly at
  • Pregnancy Yoga - contact Wendy Jacob directly at
  • Kundalini Yoga - contact Nam Prakash Kaur directly at


  • If you are completely new to Yoga or wish to revisit the basics we recommend that you come to the 'Hatha Yoga for Beginners.' 
  • If you have previously done yoga and are comfortable in a group of mixed ability we recommend the 'All Levels Hatha'  or Monday morning Iyengar yoga.
  • We offer some stronger practices for the more experienced student: Vinyasa Flow, Sivananda & Ashtanga.
  • If you would like to try something a little different, try the slow challenge of Yin Yoga.