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Yoga for Better Sleep ~ a workshop with Yoga For Modern Life

Modern Life is frankly pretty damn exhausting. The world seems to be ever speeding up, and there seems to be less and less time to slow down and to rest and to sleep. Even when we go to bed, actually nodding off can take time and our mind is still whizzing, our body still wired and can't keep still.

'there does not seem to be one major organ within the body, or process within the brain, that isn't optimally enhanced by sleep....the physical and mental impairments caused by one night of bad sleep dwarf those caused by an equivalent absence of food or exercise" Sleep scientist Matthew Walker in the book 'Why We Sleep'.

Sleep is essential and amazing, so really something has to change. We need to find ways to wind down, to sleep better and for longer. In this workshop we'll integrate the science of sleep with yoga, and learn how yoga can make an effective difference.

We'll explore a range of yoga practices including:
~ mindful and calming movement, to soothe the body and ease out tightness and tension.
~ restorative yoga using lots of bolsters, blankets and props to help the body to deeply release accumulated stress and tension, and to aiding breathing whilst allowing the body to find deep rest, replenishment and inner calm
~ breathing practices to calm the nervous system, restore balance and help to still the mind
~ using meditation to calm the chattering busy mind
~ we’ll explore some other simple relaxation techniques that can help you to sleep
~ We’ll end with a long guided relaxation called a Yoga Nidra for better sleep (Yoga Nidra actually means 'yogic sleep'). This is a deeply relaxing practice (as the name suggests!) done lying down, that really calms the mind. You’ll also receive a copy of this as an MP3 to take with you, and to use at home.

In addition we'll also look at different ways of using aromatherapy and essential oils, soothing herbs and herbal drinks, and creating an effective bed time ritual to wind down.

You'll leave with a whole 'yoga for better sleep' toolkit, with a series of yoga tools for facilitating better sleep and with numerous benefits for our overall health.

This includes supportive handouts to take away including:
~ a yoga for better sleep sequence to practice before bed
~ a breathing techniques for sleep guide
~ create your own sleep ritual worksheet
~ essential oils for sleep mini-guide
~ 3 herbal wisdom recipes for better sleep
~ a specially recorded Yoga Nidra MP3 For Sleep to download

This workshop along with all the supportive handouts , guides and the MP3 track will give you real ideas and practices which you can integrate at home and can help create optimal conditions for sleep. So you'll also leave the workshop not only feeling restored and revitalised, but with clear ideas on how to integrate these helpful techniques into your everyday life.

My Yoga For Better Sleep Workshop is for anyone interested in better sleep and a healthier life. The workshop is open to everyone. No previous experience of yoga is necessary.

£22 (including the supportive handouts and Yoga Nidra For Sleep MP3)
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