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Move from your Centre - A Feldenkrais 'Awareness through Movement' workshop

A gentle workshop with the Feldenkrais mind-body method of improving movement and well-being. For all ages and abilities.

Feel more vitality, melt away muscle tension, move with more ease & skill, find calm, be in your body in the moment and discover new possibilities, for moving, learning and living.

We will explore the mobility of all areas of our centre - our spine and pelvis. As we start to find how to distribute movements along the whole spine and into the pelvis, the areas that are overworked will give up their effort as unused parts start to join in.

Expect to feel reduced strain in 'busy' parts of the spine, like the neck and lumbar / low back. Peripheral areas like elbows and wrists will gain more support when your centre is more integrated. Your whole self will feel greater ease. You will:

  • Melt away muscle tension

  • relieve pain

  • move with more ease and skill

  • find calm in the here and now

Places limited to 10 for individual attention, so please reserve your place

Includes refreshments and handouts to do the lessons at home

£25. Please book directly with Julie. Email or call 07817 362281