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Yin Yoga - Celebrating The Autumn Equinox

Friday Night Yoga Club - Celebrating the Autumn Equinox

Join Susan of Yoga for Modern Life to celebrate the changing of the seasons from the heat of Summer to the calming and grounding Autumn energy. This special Friday Night Yoga Club will use the practice of Yin Yoga to take time to go inward, slow down and take time to celebrate and honour this energetic change. Finding equilibrium in body and mind, as mother nature establishes the equilibrium between day and night.

We'll use this grounding practice, which is mainly floor based, to slowly ease out deeply held tension in the body and allow us the time to find space and calm and still our mind’s inner landscape.
As well as deeply releasing physically, Yin is a very meditative practice, and we'll use breath awareness and breathing practices to help us find stillness and space within.
You'll leave feeling lighter, more at ease and with a greater connection to yourself, your breath and your body. And ready for a great night’s sleep too.

£15 - booking via York Yoga Studio
01904 785704