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Whole Body Somatic Tune up

A Full Day Immersion in Somatic Movement

This 5hr workshop offers a ‘re-boot’ for your ‘brain-body’ by providing you with the opportunity to retrain your neuromuscular system using somatic movement sequences.

Chronic contractions and excess tightness held in the body act like having the brakes on at all times. These unconscious behaviours, held in the brain, only become apparent when we begin to experience the long term effects in the body:

Aches and pains
Postural issues
Limitations in everyday activities

In a Yoga practise these chronic contractions and excess tensions can show up as difficulties such as limited forward folding, restriction in back bends, ease in rotating in one direction and difficulty rotating in the other, they can also show up as difficulties with Pranayama and breathing.

Somatic Movement sequences taught in this workshop will give you the tools to take the brakes off enabling you to experience a richer deeper Yoga practise with more freedom and ease moving into, through & out of asanas and beyond.

This workshop is inspired by the work of Thomas Hanna and Hanna Somatic Education (HSE) which he developed in the 1980s. It is a form of neuromuscular re-education, which deals with cause, not just the symptoms. Repeated behaviours and stresses can cause underlying tightness in the body, which we may not even sense straight away. Over time this can lead to what's called Sensory Motor Amnesia (SMA) - a lack of awareness of the muscles being held, which is really a break down in the communication of sensory information from body to brain. This is often the underlying cause of multiple common conditions such as:

Back aches
Restrictions in shoulder movement
SI Joint issues
Neck pain, hip pain, joint pain
Postural issues
Shallow breathing
Uneven leg length

The movements taught in this workshop can begin to undo the unconsciously held tension patterns that lie underneath these conditions and give you a greater sense of awareness of your own body, AND you can keep doing this for yourself beyond the duration of the workshop!

This workshop is appropriate for all, regardless of general physical ability. The only requirement for attending is the ability to get down and up from the ground and to be able to lie on your front, back and/or sides for a period of time. Bring your own mat/cushion/blanket and any other props you may need to assist your comfort in lying and sitting on the floor.

The price for this workshop is £50

David and Amanda are experienced Somatic Movement Educators and Trainers. David is a Certified Clinical Somatic Educator and Amanda is a Cerified Kinesiologist.

To book: contact us direct via FB messenger to Radiant Star Yoga contact David Fleming: or via phone on 07702665283 or contact York Yoga Studio on 01904 785704.