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Wheel of the Year Dreamboard Circle 2019


A magical process for seekers everywhere…

Join Lee Ronald for a thoughtful, fun and creative evening taking steps towards your dreams, prompted by the unfolding of the seasons. We will be using collage to make dreamboards (some people call them ‘treasure maps’) that reflect ourselves and the natural world, allowing the season to guide and inspire us.

In this low-key group, you don’t need to be ‘artistic’ in a conventional way, as we will be connecting with our own intuition and own style – there are many ways to make a dreamboard. Just bring your enthusiasm, curiosity and interest in the natural world.

This Winter our theme is Dreamboard of the Snowdrops and each season we will have a new and beautiful theme to inspire us, so watch this space!

Time is 6.30-9pm. Cost: £15 (includes board, image stash, sticky stuff, tea and chocolate). There will be a stash of images provided, but do bring more images (magazines, calendars, cards etc.) if you have them, and photos if you wish to personalise your dreamboard.

To book, please contact: