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When Reiki met Dru... and the Flute Connection

Offering our unique workshop to both non-Reiki students and Reiki students.
You have attended a Reiki course and are aware of the benefits of inviting Reiki into your life; somehow you haven't managed to bring in a daily practice. This workshop will hopefully realign you to your true needs and the wonders of a Reiki meditative and self healing practice. 
You have heard of Reiki before, but not sure what it is all about, how does Reiki work? Is Reiki meditation? What energy do we use when we practice Reiki? An opportunity to ask questions, to gather some facts and even better yet, the chance to be playful.
You have heard of Dru practice yoga or maybe not...but does the practice of Dru Yoga (this is the only style i know & love) help with sensing Reiki? 
This is an opportunity to give yourself a nurturing afternoon; grounding & flowing Dru movements; sprinkle some Reiki magic and frame your visual with a flute soundscape...Will you join us?

We start with a Dru Yoga practice to prepare the body, mind & soul to sit in Reiki Meditation. You will be able to engage with other likely minded people, have inspiring conversations, discover new ways to nurture yourself and experience deep connection through yoga, meditation & flute sound…

The lovely Cristina from The Flute Connection will share her passion & wisdom through some amazing musical notes with her flute & Shruti box...

This is what she says about her playing...

"Playing flute brings me joy, beauty, purpose; it opens my heart and my mind, it teaches me to listen deeply; it fires up my brain and my soul and it establishes a profound connection into myself and out to others. Human connection is at the centre of my work and I invite listeners to let themselves be transported by the sound, deeper and deeper into themselves'. 

Cristina is also a Reiki Shoden student. 

Through her music, she can lead us to explore a different avenue, so we tap into our own inner light & our own energetic vibration - a reminder of how important it is to 'connect' to ourselves in ways that make our heart sing...

If you'd like to attend this workshop - spaces are limited - do let me know as soon as possible and I will give you more details about our schedule and how to reserve your place. 

£40 - refreshments & mats are provided

Reiki students from any lineage are very welcome. This workshop is suitable for anyone who may like to find a new way to reconnect with themselves, through an introduction to Reiki, Dru Yoga and The Flute Connection. 

Namaste x