The key to your well being

When you're 80 years old, do you want to be able to reach the tin of beans on the bottom shelf?  Do you want to step into your pants unassisted?  Do you want to be relaxed and contented? These are the things which give us what we call 'well being.' Engaging in regular exercise throughout your life will positively affect the quality of your life in later years, and committing to your own well being isn't something you should put off.    

And well being also means your mental well being - we all need a sense of calmness, balance and serenity in the face of conflict and pressure.  Stress is a major source of illness, both physical and mental, so committing to your well being means taking measures to reduce stress and to find a way to cope with and reduce stress in your life.

So the key to your well being is to find something that you like that you can commit to. Something that you can do consistently, either in a group or on your own, that is not too expensive, that you can progress in without judgement or failure, that makes you feel stronger and more flexible, and helps you cope with and reduce stress in your life.  Does anything exist that can tick all these boxes??

Research suggests that yoga can do all these things - the benefits of yoga are almost too numerous to mention!  But in brief, yoga works on the physical body to give you strength, flexibility, balance, strong bones, increased lung capacity, stamina and muscle tone; and it works on your mind to increase concentration, focus, memory, powers of relaxation, observation and mood. AND it is an empowering practice in which YOU are in control, moving and progressing at your own pace, focusing on what YOU want to achieve. Above all else, yoga is about discovering yourself, learning to open your heart and your mind, finding your limits and accepting them while simultaneously finding the courage to press them back, to discover the endless boundaries of your spirit.  And isn't this really what's at the heart of well being?